Solvent Susuzlaştırma Üniteleri (Moleküler Elek)

Ethyl alcohol and solvent dewatering unit

In azeotrope compounds, the water rate that cannot be reduced by distillation,
Zeolite or active alumina molecular sieve filled columns reduce the water rate up to 0.02%.
Regenerable physical adsorption systems are economical compared to extractive distillation and do not contain environmentally damaging wastes.

WATERY ALCOHOL Standard design input max 10% water rate, Custom design max 15% water rate
CAPACITY 500 kg-10 tons / day
HEATING in large capacities; solid fuel, natural gas, electrically heated hot oil system,at low capacities direct electric heating
COOLING  water cooling tower + chiller
REGENERATION With nitrogen gas

Application Area

  • ethyl alcohol and other alcohols
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Ketones